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Welcome to Healing, the Natural Way.

Jade Earth Acupuncture, LLC                                                                                   

                                                                                       Echo L. Hobbs     

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) is a healthcare system that is thousands of years old.   In conjunction with  your regular  medical care,  AOM can  help  keep  you less at the mercy of illness and  pain.  Since it  is a  complete system of  medicine, there are very few disorders on which AOM cannot have some kind of positive impact! Here at Jade Earth Acupuncture, LLC, we strive to help you to achieve your optimum level of health and wellness through preventative and maintenance care, as well as offering highly effective treatments during times of acute illness and injury.


Disposable needles only

Morning and evening appointments

Care for acute (non-emergency) and chronic conditions

Specializing in the treatment of Pain

Insurance billing in most cases


We specialize in the treatment of pain conditions, including pain that is secondary to other conditions (such as but not limited to: sinus pain from allergies, menstrual pain from fibroids, bowel pain from ulcerative colitis, joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis) as well as pain from purely musculo-skeletal conditions such as accidents, wear and tear, aging, and injuries.   In general, the sooner you seek help, the easier it is to treat you for whatever (non-emergency) condition you are experiencing.  We do not treat people for the following:  Cosmetics, Weight loss,  IVF / AI support, male reproductive health, or obstetrics (though we can treat a pregnant woman for everything else like back pain, nausea, etc. . .).


Private Comprehensive Care
By appointment :

                                                     Mondays:                                     1 - 7:30

                                                      Tuesdays:             9 - 3

                                                    Wednesdays:                              1 - 7:30
                                                      Thursdays:           9 - 3

                                                    Please call to schedule:   503-581-5990


Free Friday Clinics for pain:

Dear Patients,

As many of you know, we are looking to move office space and have been in negotiations with several different options.  Nothing is solid yet, and we are still looking and waiting and negotiating - and packing up in the meantime.

Because of the extra time I need for this, I regretfully will be taking a break from the Free Friday Pain Clinic until we move and get settled in.   We will continue to have regularly scheduled private clinic appointments.

I love serving all of you in both private and group clinics,  and am eager to get back in full to this work which I love once we find a new home and settle in.   

Thank you for your understanding, and your prayers that we find suitable new space soon.  

1745 Commercial St SE             Salem, Oregon 97302           503-581-5990   



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